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Roofing Repair & Installation

Whether you are looking to replace damaged shingles or get a complete roof replacement, our staff is qualified and ready to make your roof look and function great!  The importance of having a healthy roof cannot be overstated.  If your roof is too old or has wind/hail damage, the health of your entire house ...

Gutters & Cleaning

-Clean gutters are very important to the health of your home.  Debris will quickly cause your gutters to become clogged and prevent them from functioning properly.  If water does not flow correctly through your gutters, rain can build up and cause water damage to your home.  Water damage can potentially ...

House Painting and Power-washing

Our staff is experienced and qualified to paint the interior and exterior of your home.  Fresh paint, applied professionally, will make your home look beautiful.  Your home is most likely the largest expense that you have.  Isn't your home worth the investment of keeping it beautiful?

About Patriot Home Improvement

Patriot Home Improvement is committed to providing quality service at an affordable price.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the utmost integrity in all that we do.  As a locally owned business, you can be sure that we will be around to provide you with any necessary services that are needed after our work is completed.  As a veteran owned and operated company, you can rest assured that the work to your home is...

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The Patriot Guarantee

We passionately stand by the quality of our work.  Patriot Home Improvement understands that the best form of advertising for our company is a satisfied customer.  We strive to ensure that we will exceed your expectations in the quality of our work.  As a local company, you can be sure that we will be around long after the job is completed.  We guarantee that we will not leave a job until you are satisfied!

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